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Reviews for 1st Driving Excellence, LLC
Driving Excellence is incredible. I was very scared of traffic, and I made many mistakes while I was learning, Kathlyn was patient, kind, and she built my confidence. She showed me how to know what other drivers were thinking by how they drive, so I stay safe on the road. She even took me to the mountains for special snow lessons, as I was moving to snow country. I passed my driving exam the first time, and I owe it all to her great teaching. Kathlyn is truly Driving Excellence!

Satomi Kaneko, WSU Graduate and Japanese Foreign Student
Hello to future driving license aspirants,
I am an Indian female with the 'so-called' Indian driving license. I not only hoped to clear my driving test but also to be a safe driver. Having practiced on my own and taken some driving classes with Sam at Bellevue, I failed miserably in my first driving test and it kinda shook my confidence. It’s then when I came across Driving Excellence School and enrolled for driving classes with Kathlyn Ryckman. I gave her my background in my driving skills and accordingly she tweaked the classes to suit my needs.
She is a fabulous instructor and an equally awesome person. She helped me to overcome my jitters and taught me the driving skills. Given her passion to teach and churn out safe drivers, undoubtedly her success rate is so high. Throughout the driving class, I was behind the wheels while she was teaching me the techniques. She also provides a handout with the instructions for all kind of driving skills. And here I am, having cleared my driving test successfully and most importantly to be a safe driver. To some, her driving class costs may seem a bit pricey but it’s worth every penny as she gives a lot more than you would expect! Happy Driving folks,

Rashmi Mundhra
I took a set of classes with Kathlyn to improve my driving skills and build confidence behind-the-wheel. Kathlyn was very friendly and immediately created pleasant environment, she helped me feel relaxed behind-the-wheel and overcome my anxiety. Kathlyn was very approachable and found a way to teach me parallel parking so that it was easy for me to understand. She has a very nice booklet with parking instructions that is very helpful. Overall, even the driving with her was a lovely experience. She stays focused on you all the time and ensures you pay attention not just to your own driving, but to the whole situation on the road, explains to you other driver's intentions/mistakes etc. Her lessons helped me a lot with "reading" the road. I would highly recommend Kathlyn for other beginning students. in driving. 

Svetlana Broyda
I cannot thank Eric enough for his awesome teaching methods. I was a very nervous driver and Eric was really patient in teaching and gave me useful tips in helping me overcome my fears and helping me be a good driver. THANK YOU ERICK! I got a 100 in my test!

Nayani Unni
Really has been a long time since we last met :) I remember how much my wife and I enjoyed learning driving from you. We are doing fine here. Thanks much for your professional driving lessons that we got no ticket and drove safe during the past year. Best regards,

Evan and Jill Li ​
Kathlyn’s Driving Excellence gave me the skills to approach my driving road test with confidence. I received a 100% score on my very first appointment, and have continued to drive in the States for 2 years without even a scratch on my SUV. Kathlyn taught me pivot points and guidelines to stay safe in any situation, and it really works.

Li Fang (Edward) Chong
Computer Hardware Engineer