14777 NE 40th St, Bellevue, WA 98007
Knowledge tests times are: Saturdays between 11am to 2pm, Sundays between 11am to 1pm, Tuesdays @ 4pm and Thursdays @ 2pm. For knowledge tests, we encourage applicants to preregister but walk-ins are allowed. Skill Tests are by appointment only. ​
Just bring your Washington State Identification number to our office with a picture ID, or bring your WA ID Card.

Click here to generate your license number/DOL number from DOL website

For skill test times, please contact our call center at 425 643 0116.

  • ​We are happy to reschedule with a 48 hour notice.
  • Lessons/Exams must be taken within 3 months of payment.
  • Failure to show up for a lesson, less than 48 hour notice, or missing documents will result in a lost lesson or test and an additional one will need to be purchased.
Tips and hints!  How to pass the driving skills test​:
            1. Do NOT take the test without a warm-up, unless you have received professional training from a driving school.
            2. Washington State is VERY strict about complete stops at stop signs and red lights, including stop before right-on-red.
            3. We are also VERY strict about looking at the blind spot anytime you signal-remember bicycles and pedestrians!
            4. If you move your car in reverse, LOOK directly out the back window the majority of the time (you may use a back up                 camera and mirrors only briefly).
            5. Watch the 4 DOL videos and read what you will be tested on by clicking on the link below.
Click here to watch DOL - What to expect on the skill test videos.
You must have a valid U.S. permit, foreign license, or international license to take Warm Up Sessions.
Photo-copies are not accepted.

*Applicant car requirements- All lights, signals, front seat belts, driver's side window, and parking brake must be in good working order.  (All 3 brake lights must work). Tires and body must be street legal.  Insurance cards must show expiration date, and show registration if tabs expire in the same month as your test.  We are not able to provide warm ups in customer vehicles, but only the testing itself. 
If your vehicle does not meet the following requirements, you will need to use one of our vehicles.

Instructors, Examiners and Students are required to wear face masks and adhere to social distancing. 
Using Driving School Car/or Your Own Car.
60 Min
Warm up
30 Min
Warm up
Skills DrivingTest

Written Knowledge Exam $35.00 (Three Attempts this location)