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Best Pricing! 90 Min Lesson Packages including Skill Test &
New International Driver Workshop Included (2 hours seminar)

  • CONTINUING EDUCATION - Experienced Drivers Only
        3/90 Min BTW + 2 Hours NID = 6.5 Hours  for 2 years experienced drivers from a foreign country.
       Customized classes for parking, pavement markings, freeway, communication and complex light patterns.  

        5/90 Mins BTW + 2 Hours NID = 9.5 Hours for novice drivers who have some driving experience and can
        demonstrate good control of the vehicle, or have taken lessons, but never driven in traffic or freeway.

        7/90 Mins BTW + 2 Hours NID = 12.5 Hours for new drivers skilled on 2-wheeled vehicles (motorcycle,
        scooter, bicycle, etc), or have taken lessons, but have only driven infrequently. 

​       9/90 Mins BTW + 2 Hours NID= 15.5 Hours designed for those with no prior road experience. A complete and 
       intensive course for those who want complete knowledge of staying safe on the road. Your confidence and skills
       are the focus in this comprehensive course. 

Pickups are available only within 5 miles or 10 min driving distance from our office.

60 Minute Lessons
The skills test & New International Driver Seminar are separate.


  • ​We are happy to reschedule with a 48 hour notice.
  • Lessons/Exams must be taken within 3 months of payment.
  • Failure to show up for a lesson/test, less than 48 hour notice, or missing documents will result in losing a session and an additional one will need to be purchased.
Single 90 minutes Evaluation Session

You and your instructor will complete a predetermined comprehensive road course to determine if you are ready for the driving skill exam. This is not a lesson, it is an assessment of current skills, knowledge, and process necessary to keep you safe on Washington roads.

From Office : $389.00                                Pickup & Drop off : $449.00

From Office : $589.00                                Pickup & Drop off : $679.00

From Office : $799.00                                Pickup & Drop off : $939.00

From Office : $999.00                                Pickup & Drop off : $1179.00

Available only From Office : $105.00

Available only From Office : $75.00 for single lesson, $325 for 5 lessons or $895 for 12 lessons (skill test included in 12 pack).

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