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Adult Lessons, Packages and Evaluations
Learn why we are preferred by thousands of adult students!

DOL Testing Center - Knowledge and Skills
Get valuable tips on how to pass the written and driving exam!

Teen Driver's Education
Action-packed videos, engaging, interactive, and the BEST workbook!
Designed for all who need to earn their WA state License! Get a great head start on defensive driving, with 6 critical issues and 3 techniques to protect your future and save money! This 2 hour seminar is offered once a week $150.00 alone, or included FREE with our ADULT educational packages.

Driving is serious business. The good habits you develop now will last a lifetime, where ever you live, where ever you travel. Let 1st Driving Excellence teach you with humor, fun, and transfer our depth of knowledge to you. 
Enjoy your life behind-the-wheel...you deserve it!

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1st Driving Excellence offers Superior Training-
Trained office staff-guaranteed* friendly and informative

New Advanced Curriculum    Responsible Kind Instructors 
​         + Knowledge of the law-inside and out
     + Skills mechanical control & psychology of driving
     + Education alert & aware systems training
     + Experience apply defensive driving on the road
     + Patience from us to you & from you toward others 
= A lifetime of collision-free driving!